Terms and Conditions

Cabin Rental Terms and Conditions

1. No dogs of any kind are allowed in any cabin or guesthouse.

2. No smoking inside the cabins. Period.

3. We have the right to charge for damages.

The renter/lessee understands that lessor has the right to charge for any damage in excess of reasonable wear and tear to the extent of the cost of the repairs or replacement of missing items. Renter/lessee also understands that he/she is expected to leave the property in the condition it was in when he/she arrived. This includes returning items to their place and keeping the premises clean and free of trash including cigarette butts. If the property is left in such a condition to require additional cleaning or outside trash removal, renter/lessee understands a cleaning fee will be charged.

4. Common areas

The Wallis Cove beach and outside grounds are common area to all lodging guests and may be serviced if upkeep is needed.

5. Boats, canoes, kayaks, beach, lake

  • Boat, canoes and kayaks are not included in lodging rental fees for cabin 1, 2 and 3.
  • Kayaks and a canoe are included in guesthouse rentals. In either case, Wallis Cove is not liable for injuries.
  • No ATVs or jet-skis are allowed.
  • If you bring your own boats and watercraft, we are not liable for injuries, damage or theft.
  • No cars or boat trailers allowed on beach with the exception of loading or unloading boats and the time that activity takes.
  • When using boats, canoes and kayaks, Wallis Cove strongly advises using safety flotation devices.
  • Children must be supervised. There are no lifeguards on duty. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to safeguard the well-being of their children at all times.

6. Please respect the environment.

  • We will not tolerate complaints by other neighbors for disrespectful activity. This is a family environment.
  • Respect the peacefulness of the lake environment. Sound carries easily across water.

7. Check-in, Check-out

Check-in time is 2pm. We are unable to accommodate early check-ins.

We personally make arrangements for you to get access to the cabins. Any balances due must be paid before check-in.

Check-out time is 10am. We must adhere to this time as we have a small window to do a thorough cleaning prior to the next occupants. Please do not request a late check-out. Keys may be left on the table of the cabin.

8. Fire pits, Franklin stoves

  • When using fire pits, no burning of pallets or boards containing nails, screws and other hardware, bottles or cans.
  • Never leave fire unattended.
  • When using Franklin stoves inside cabins, use wood no larger than 14 inches in length.

9.  No unregistered vehicles are permitted on premises.

10. No chainsaws

11. Inside cabins

  • Do not remove plastic mattress or pillow cases.
  • Do not use blue disinfecting cups in toilets
  • To minimize scratches in floors, please avoid rearranging furniture. If furniture is moved, please carefully return it to previous placement.
  • Please alert management if you find any non-functioning appliances or damage in any part of the cabins or grounds.
  • There are no garbage disposals so please, no garbage or any kind is to be put down sinks.
  • Trash is picked up by management on Wednesdays.

12. Wallis Cove Cabins is a family run and operated business.


13. Quiet hours observed before 8am and after 10pm.

14. Lessor (Wallis Cove) is not liable for personal injuries.

Any unsafe or dangerous condition must be reported to us immediately. For children's safety, they are to be supervised at all times. Renter/Lessee agrees to hold Wallis Cove and its owners harmless for any and all loss of or damage to your personal property, injury or death resulting from the use of the rental properties, grounds, and/or beach. Caution: swim at your own risk.

15. Any violations by lessor or guests in their party of the general guidelines stated above without a signed acknowledgement from lessor (Wallis Cove) will be grounds for eviction without refund or warning.

The terms and conditions of the lodging property are stated.